general [jen′ər əl, jen′rəl]
[ME < OFr < L generalis < genus (gen. generis), kind, class: see GENUS]
1. of, for, or from the whole or all; not particular or local [a general anesthetic, the general welfare]
2. of, for, or applying to a whole genus, kind, class, order, or race [the general classifications of matter]
3. existing or occurring extensively; common; widespread [a general unrest]
4. most common; usual [the general spelling of a word]
5. concerned with the main or overall features; lacking in details; not specific [the general features of a plan]
6. not precise; vague [to speak in general terms]
7. senior or highest in rank [an attorney general]
8. not connected with or limited to one branch or department of learning, business, etc.; not specialized [a general store]
1. the main or overall fact, condition, idea, etc.: opposed to PARTICULAR
2. the head of some religious orders
3. Archaic the public; populace
a) any of various military officers ranking above a colonel; specif., U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force such an officer, with an insignia of four stars, ranking above a lieutenant general: see also BRIGADIER GENERAL, MAJOR GENERAL
b) U.S. Marine Corps an officer of the highest rank
5. an anesthetic that makes a patient unconscious: cf. LOCAL (n. 6): in full general anesthetic
in general
1. in the main; usually
2. without specific details
3. with reference to all spoken of

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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